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Love and Light! Hi Gabby, I always enjoy listening to you. If I asked my angels to show me a yellow rose as confirmation that I have made the best choice…. I would love to hear your knowledge about this…. Thank you! Hi Gabby Wish you had been around 25 years ago for my generation. Still so much to learn from you even in my advanced age!! Thank you for all your insight. Just want to know if the receipt process same for the free workshop? You are so awesome and I have a you spirit junkie alarm that I read every morning…you r making a big difference in my life.

Thank you so much! I always enjoy your vids, Gabby. I have just completed and am working on editing a book that I wrote. I am getting ready to send out queries and sample chapters to publishers and agents. What would you say would be the single most important thing I can do do stay focused on my goals and to get rid of those self-sabotaging beliefs that exist on a deeper level than we may consciously be aware of?

Hi Gabby, really good Vlog, as always. I usually am addicted to your twitter feeds, website and Her Future, but my mother in law was knocked over by an car on 7 Feb and has a huge internal brain injury. Thankfully she is know out of danger — thanks also to the prayer posse for their kind words.

Welcome to these new folks who have joined the DAB over the last several months:

We are now left facing a future, but a really uncertain one. What can you suggest for manifesting the best outcome for another in this situation? I truly mean if she remains with us or departs to the next level, whichever is really best for her. I would really appreciate your help. I guess we could all do with your guidance. Thank you. I work a mostly female dominated field.

I also seem to be interested in men who are not interested in me or not interested in the men who are interested in me. When they are not interested it drives me crazy! I want to know why or what I need to do to make them interested. Also, dating makes me anxious, but I know that it is at least somewhat needed or the practice is needed. I worry so much that I will never meet someone where the feeling is mutual! What should I do? What should I change? Is there a way to manifest a certain person into your life or back into your life? Please help!

I know you asked this to Gabby, but I manifested my husband simply by making a list. I made a list of qualities I wanted in my future partner, and then promptly forgot about it. He met every. When I read it to him, I found out that he made a list of qualities he wanted in his future partner, too! Just an idea — get clear on what it is you want and maybe that will help move things along. Lots of love to you, Gabby! Thank you for all that you do for the community.

Thank you for everything that you do!!! You have helped transform my life!!! I Can Do It! Love that you talk about not attaching to the outcome. I understand this but sometimes I feel like it can get in the way of being really clear about what one is asking for. Can you help me with this?

Hi Gabby, I caught the show today with RamDas. I wonder if there is a downloadable version of the Miracle Mantra. Thanks Liz. Big Love to you GB! Gabby I am actress. I already am doing what I love but sumtimes feel demotivated.. Hi Gabby, how do you know the difference between something you might have manifested or guidance?

The meeting left me feeling inspired, in flow, at ease and joyful. All core-desired feelings and a good prediction of how it would be working there. I am married and love my husband very much but lately we have been fighting a lot. It seems that I have the least amount of patience for him out of anyone.

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I have been able to greatly improve other relationships in my life and its something that I would like to work on. Any tips on manifesting a healthier relationship? Having a bit of a rough day concerning health issues so I'm manifesting myself being healthy, happy and hot lol In the beginning of this year I had so much motivation but now, honestly I feel like it's a setback. But at the same time, these blockages that I have needs to be brought up so the universe can help me heal them.

I just want to start by saying what an inspiration you are to me. I am an avid follower and I have been trying myself to become more intune with my spirituality. I have trouble with getting clear on what I want and clearing my mind. Do you have any advice as to how I can slow down and clear my mind in order to manifest? And what practices are most effective for manifesting. Hi Gabby I am looking forward to really being able to convince myself and finally have the way to manifest things in my life, what I really want and not what it is left for me, I got a question what happens when something that you want has another person in it, so it doesnt depend just on you…for example if I want to manifest a relationship with somebody I like, a specific person, is that valid?

Hi Gabby- first of you are amazing and I am so thankful my friend introduced you to me! I am currently reading May Cause Miracles and am on the week about Finances. I know I have manifested a negative or lacking mentality towards them over the years. This is an area of my life that I have struggled with because I grew up with less many than all my friends, but never wanted for anything. My parents struggled, but always made sure I was taking care of. I am trying my hardest to manifest a positive and abundant outlook on this, but it is crippling my everyday life.

Any advice on manifesting abundance and actually seeing the results in the one area that is my major source of fear. Thank you for any help and suggestions. I will be attending your free workshop for sure! Thank you so much for your guidance. I am so grateful for you and your work. Hi gabby! I have a question, do you have to know in specific what you want or could you just be postive and trust that universe will give me what i need or take me to a place in life were i should be? Do have to know exactly what i want?

This was wonderfully helpful. I have been trying to envision success and it has worked somewhat but this takes it to a whole new level. Even seems like something one could do as a couple? I manifest with my husband all the time! Hi Gabby: Thank you so much for all of the light you bring to the world. This vblog is what I needed to hear.

My Question: how do you incorporate manifesting into your daily routine? What is your intention when you meditate? And if I want to manifest more financial abundance, do I focus on a specific amount or the vision of the lifestyle I would have? Hi Gabby, I recently started studying the course with a small group of acim student in west hollywood. The teacher the group facilitator aligns with is David Hoffmeister, who states that it is impossible to manifest. How do I see this differently and also how to I make and execute an action plan when I feel that what I want to manifest is so big and depenedent on forces I feel are outside of me like agents, auditions, earning in the art world which carries a stigma.

I LOVE david. Is there a video you have of him talking about this? Remember that with regard to ACIM all words are symbols. Thanks for bringing this up! I truly continue to be inspired by you. Is is strange to try to manifest clarity itself? Letting go of that thing I want feels like giving up.

How do I keep positive and trust? Hello Gabby, can you recommend a simple basic meditation practice? I get information overload and tend to take on to much and I want to get back to basics and streamline and simplify my practice. If you could just do one pratice in the morning, what would it be?

Thank you so much. I then decided to read a course in Miracles. Thank you!! I feel stuck — soooooo f… stuck in all aspects of my life — most of all in my love life… Can you suggest a meditation to unblock my fear and resistance to enter a committed relationship? Also — I am a Kundalini Yoga teacher in Oslo and are in my first year of establishing a centre here in Oslo. I was wondering if there is any chance that you can come to Norway in the nearest future?

For example, what happens if my intuition tells me to visualize a particular job at a particular company that my intuition strongly tells me is the right one for me. Or what if my intuition tells me a person who was a previous partner is the right partner for me, and I manifest us getting back together. Am I then blocking another partner who could be even better from coming into my life? Is the best course to trust your intuition will guide you to the right visuals to manifest? As for a question…Do you have any suggestions for manifesting good health even though you feel the physical effects of disease in my case, ulcerative colitis?

I am feeling like no matter what I do it is never enough and am feeling a lack of appreciation from my husband and children. Hi Gabby, My question for you is about daydreams. My thoughts are generally positive and relate to my career, friends, love life etc. Or is all this natural? Hi Gabby! April just got a little awesomer! I love how you always explain things and make them easy to understand.. When it comes to manifesting though, I always wonder about two things, 1 how does one detach afterwards?

Lets say one is trying to manifest more happiness, love, money or whatever in their lives, how can it be done without coming from a sense of need or deprivation , and then followed by finding the ability to let it go. One day. Hey Gabby! I love your books and messages and all you stand for.

OH … the stories I could tell about the nasty emails Ive gotten … sometimes those things are not just uncalled for and hurtful!!!!! How can I continue to let people in when all they do is walk over me and treat me so awful Girls mostly have been terrible. Family members … I feel as if I have no one. I am currently not working either as I decided to quit my job I hated for 13 years and pursue another career — and even that is not going well and I had to take a step back due to some health reasons.

Hi Gabby, I love your work! Way to let your light shine Girl! Now sure why that is.. I would love some guidance on how to stay committed and consistent — how to help myself really believe that manifesting my desires can work for me and that I can receive. Gabby, we met in St. I introduced you and emceed the event. How to deal with severe anxiety attacks I want my life back. I strongly suggest you try EFT, Tapping. You can watch my vlog on Tapping on stress. I feel that I am not where I belong and it does not serves others but have to be in this position to take care of my family.

I know for sure that I belong at all the spiritual events and workshops and I know that I have purpose to serve others…. How do I manifest all the abundance and love and let go of all the lack and struggle? Gabby, I seem to be blocking a lot of miracles to the point of some very extreme and painful circumstances.

I have been working for awhile on digging deep but I cannot seem to get away from the self sabotage. In any case, whatever choices I have made in pursuing my passion, I know on a level that I am awesome and hve so much to offer, but the programming that keeps coming up is see you made the wrong choice again or look what happened. It is destroying me from the inside out. How do I shift the self sabotage and stay in the moment? Thanks, Gabby.

And if so, I suggest you to do it again. That book will help you uncover what is blocking you and clear the path. Thank you for your recommendation! I did the course about a year ago, but maybe it is time to go back and redo it this time with another set of eyes to see what I can uncover this time. Thanks for sharing your beautiful gift and for taking the time to answer all of our posts today. You are a phenomenal woman! Light and love to you! Hi Gabby, How do you choose your manifestation prioritize? I am torn between my ex-fiance that I love and desire back in my life and getting back myself emotionally healthy and happy.

Thank you for taking the time today! Thank you for your wisdom and advice. You can leave your light wherever you wish:. My anxiety is always around my health, at times I can give it to the Divine, but others I cannot seem to let go of the sense that letting go of my health may not be the best plan…what do you think?

Im in a rut and am looking to manifest change in my life. I try to meditate to receive some direction from my guides but I constantly feel blocked. Im all about manifesting- I guess I am confused about what I need to ask for! Is that wierd? What do you suggest? Forgive me if a similar question has been asked.. In particular money? Money means freedom to me. In order for. I wanted to know how to manifest true ever lasting love into my life. A few months ago I got my heart broken by a guy that promised me he would love me through anything.

When I love someone I tend to love them completely. I believe in fairy tales and all that kind of stuff and have hope for one day meeting the right guy. I am just confused cus I really thought my ex was the one. I would just like to meet the true right guy already. I am experiencing fomo with my relationship. I am not sure if I am meant to be in it I am always obesseing over him and my mother passed away recently and I always ask her for dimes to show me she is with me and guide. Do you think if you want a few different things one can overpower the other?

Like can they balance out, or you can really only have one? Dear Gabby-love. I really need help manifesting. Any advice would be so appreciated. Love, T. How to let go and allow. I continually fall into the trap of expecting from others truth, loyalty, discretion, and when I am let down.. I tell myself that you knew that… why did I go there? God, Universe whoever thank you for clearing all the blocks to the presence of love within me. Thank you for preparing me for my beloved. Also if you have a bad day how long does it set you back? Thanks so much xo. Kitty Elaine LaMarche i love manifestation!

As we know, feeling correctly is how we manifest. Do you have any suggestions on how to open up and feel? Hi Gabby How do you manifest money or more income when the bills keep coming at you fast and you are going further and further into debt. I always believed in the law of attraction following louise hay, florence shinn and the like and in my earlier years i was able to pull on this great power. But this has been my greatest test because I am really struggling trying to manifest at this time. Your SF workshiop is almost exactly 1 year since I began May Cause Miracles… the book that completely changed my life.

If we ordered books thru the workshop, will that receipt allow us to register for this online workshop, too? These are actually two different events. But I promise it will be worth it! Is there anything I can do to increase my attracting power and raise my vibration?

I want an awesome life — one beyond my wildest dreams but I feel so stuck sometimes, its realy hard. I hear people talking about it and it seems a bit out there but somehow it caught my attention. What does it do and how to start? Hey everyone! Love this blog. So i found my way here through twitter. Not sure if you get a lot of guys on here. But i have a major problem i am looking to find a solution for.

She was lucky a few months ago and left school for a great dream job where she worked with horses in the south of England. We live in the N. E Scotland. So after one of the horses decides to dance on her knee i know right she is injured and has to come home. Starting over she is frustrated and pissed off at me as she thinks im always lecturing her.

Only trying to be a loving devoted father. First off, keep loving her and holding positive visions for her. I hope this helps. Ok I will. Thanks for sharing your advice. Any chance of a signed copy to really show her i love her? Will tweet the pics and share the story afterwards. I am a new fan and I am loving your work. My question is…when trying to manifest something, is it best to say affirmations and retouch it everyday, or to set the intention and let it go until it arrives? I am not sure which is more effective. Hi Gabby!! Im one of your biggest Spirit Junkies!!

I have been married for 10 years have 2 kids. My hubby and I were not connecting and I had an intense emotional relationship with someone else. I came clean to my hubby and we are working things out. My question is: how can I release this other person to move on in my marriage and manifest the life I want. I am a stay at home mom, and I know I need something for ME!! What are your suggestions for not blocking manifestations by being too specific in the ask?

Working through being open hearted and releasing my control issues, to help the miracles come in a perfect and divine way! The tasks and challenges of daily life often seem to distract and overtake the positive, progressive visions that we have for ourselves. What are one or two very simple tricks to practice daily to bring back that focus and remind us of our true intentions?

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Breathe into your heart. Be mindful of the words you choose. Practice using high level, empowering words when you speak. What is the best way to not just manifest a job but the BEST job for me or.. Thank you for taking questions this morning! If you dwell in the energy of service the universe will give you more and more work to do. Maybe I could rethink self-care as serving too? In gratitude, Teresa.

I was I radio for 15 years until I lost my job in August. How can I manifest this? Dearest Gabby, thank you. Your calm presence is refreshing and healing. My request is for your blessing and prayer as I move forward in manifesting complete comfort, ease, security and financial peace for my daughter and myself. Many blessings to you for everything you do. Hi Gabby, I believe in the law attraction. I did not understand it at first, initially missed out the middle part of alignment. Today, I am creating some interesting outcomes with the support of the Loving Universe.

How specific do you need to be? I feel that I must have put a spell out there — ha ha ha. Love this stuff. Love you. What would you say is the first thing the most important thing someone should do when trying to manifest? I am trying to release the blocks I have. I am finding it difficult to identify and then releasing these blocks. Any suggestions? We would love to have you come to Tennessee for a workshop!

I have and have preordered the next one. I need to do May cause miracles again though. Thanks for the reminder! Just pre-ordered the new book! So excited to read. I find it really hard to go to work everyday and not be excited or in love with what I am doing. The people are wonderful but I just feel like I am meant to do something else. I love to dance and sing, cook and create but have never really been sure how to manifest to figure out what to do with it all. I have been meditating and doing both your and Doreen Virtues meditations as well as journaling. Any thoughts or guidance would be much appreciated!

Thanks Gabby! That makes so much sense! Would it be fair to say that some of the most important ingredients to successful manifesting are to keep our vibes high, connect with the feeling of how it would feel to have what it is that we desire and then let it go? Any pointers would be welcome! Thank you so much, Gabby. I really liked what you said about the focus on being of service. Would be great to see you here next month! I have read a lot about law of attraction and manifesting through the years. Aside from enjoying it and taking active steps toward growth, is there anything else to do?

Dear Gabby, It has happened to me multiple times that I figured out what I want to manifest eg,movin to NYC and envisioned my dreams every single day with the help of my vision board. Do you have any advice on this? I am so very grateful for help. Mcm has helped me soo much!! Hi Gabby, I find it hard to stay on track with my spiritual work when life gets crazy. I fall off the wagon and then tell myself to take it easy and not put to much pressure on myself to get all these tasks done because then I just get more stressed out. So I guess my question is: how do I culitivate a regular practice that is realistic and not rigid?

I know that patience, and letting go are key when it comes to manifesting your dreams, but do you have any other little tips for us addictive daughters who feel so strongly pulled to their visions of the future, that they can barely sleep because of the excitement?! I know — quite a lovely problem to have! Two things that sound good, but practical action steps for these two things. Time is not an excuse as I have lots of free time, but something is not clicking. Love what you do and hope to be able to hear your thoughts.

I am currently unemployed and reviewing no more benefits.. Ive been on interviews and have not rechecked job offers. How can I manifest at this level of hopelessness and feelings of being lost without purpose? Hi Gabby — a sincere thank you for all the love and light you put into the world. My question is around manifesting romantic love.

I have done a great deal of work to create a specific account of what I most want this relationship to look and feel like. I spend a lot of time calling it to myself, visualizing it and feeling as though I already have it, but when a new man enters my life, the manifestation falls apart. I immediately assume that he will betray me and my internal script shifts from a loving one to one where all I can visualize is him engaging in thoughtless, inconsiderate behaviour.

The positive? But I need a strategy that helps me stay focused on manifesting my deepest desires, rather than my deepest fears. Any tips? What do you do when you cannot decide what to manifest. When I focus on something the universe sends me a sign, then I will flip my focus, and it sends me another sign supporting that.

I feel like whatever I decide the universe will support me, but I cannot pick one. I can see the Law of Attraction working, but i am unclear about what is the right direction for me, because i feel support no matter what way i turn, but i dont want to make the wrong choice. I love your work and just finished Spirit Junkie. I have my vision board covered in excerpts from that book and look at it daily.

I have been manifesting a big job opportunity for my husband and an out of state move for myself and family. Thanks for your time, you are a true inspiration and I appreciate all you do for this world. Hey Gabby. Love your work, sorry i missed your London gig in Dec. Anyways, advice on manifesting flow in my work life.?

I need more gigs:- namaste. You are such a light and I just adore you. My question is how to manifest healing when chronic digestive pain is a factor in my life. Hey gabby! I want to make my family happy but I also want to move and do the things I really want to do. Any advice on how I can manifest the move and making my family happy? Love and light! How can I resolve these 2 issues? How do I stop fear getting in the way of manifesting, and once I manifest, how do I keep it? Gabby you have been such an inspiration to me! I try to meditate everyday and think positive thoughts and have positive feelings.

For years now I have been trying to manifest a past relationship ex boyfriend back into my life. We do not communicate but I really miss him. Do you think its possible to manifest this relationship back into friendship? I have two beautiful children. How do you keep manifesting when at times you feel defeated or you wonder why God does not have it in your plan to have a baby…. It sounds to me like you need an energetic surrender. Some miracles come in a form we never expected. Begin clearing your energy and praying to release your attachment to the outcome. Hi Gabrielle, I love your spirit!

Often we think we need something one way but something much better is coming. How can you be sure what your trying to manifest will happen in time. Your job is to be still in the creation of your dreams. Your stillness allows the natural order of creation to occur. Fear cuts off your connection to your inner power.

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