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Better get ready for them all A group of actors rehearses a play within a play within a play. As the plot complications multiply, the actors begin to forget who is playing whom and who is the real director Zoe and Brayden are determined to stay out of the craziness that surrounds them as their friends ask each other to prom in more and more over-the-top ways, some successfully and others not so much.

Will everyone make it through promposal season with more laughter than disaster? FACT: Most people, if not everyone, will eventually be eaten by sharks. But you can postpone the inevitable and get a great deal on a timeshare! Sherwood Forest is in danger of being destroyed and it's up to Robin and his band of dimwitted Merry Men to save the day. When the Sheriff challenges them to a contest to determine the forest's rightful owner, their skills are put to the test.

Unfortunately, archery is only the first round Micah only has forty-five minutes to finish her paper on The Great Gatsby. She just needs to check a few facts on the internet first. Unfortunately, the web is a nefariously wacky place where boxing cats, Russian spies, and competitive streaming services threaten to take over Micah's schoolwork, or worse. Hold on to your hoverboards, we're taking a trip Back to the 80s!

When modern teen Mary Fitzfry gets sent back in time by an eccentric professor, she finds herself in the middle of a totally tubular cavalcade of 80s pop culture. In each of these espresso shots of American history, a member of the flexible ensemble dons the star-spangled coat of the presidency and the group explores a surprising aspect of that administration. Even though everybody on the planet is just a text away, getting your message across has never been more complicated. Travel around the world and explore forgotten myths and unusual legends in eight fast-paced and hilarious tales!

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But intrepid journalist Olivia wants to report real news, not puff pieces - and she may get her chance when a shadowy figure tips her off about a fundraising conspiracy that goes all the way to the top After an embattled student body president resigns in disgrace, Mark Davenport figures he will cruise to victory in the special election.

After all, his only opponent is nerdy Christy Martin, who wants to eliminate football. But when a mysterious Super PAC gives her an unlimited budget, things start to get very ugly One murder, twenty suspects. Who killed Mysterious Host? The mystery unfolds as Inexplicably Omniscient Inspector takes on the most thrilling and baffling murder case in the history of thrilling and baffling murder cases..

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Newbie director Carol has one day to find the leads for a community theater production of Romeo and Juliet. But what seems like a simple task proves impossible when the pool of auditioners includes extreme method actors, performers who just don't know how to channel their rage, and one woman who may or may not think she's a cat Told from the perspectives of Robin, Maid Marian, and Prince John, this hilarious tale combines three different stories into one -- and with three different endings, leaves it up to the audience to decide which one is true As the yellow fever epidemic ravages the streets of New Orleans, no one thinks of the orphans known as the Forgotten--except for Lizzie Landry This contemporary response to the myth of Antigone brings powerful, modern prose to an ancient and universal story.

The mine where Floyd, Paul, and Jack work is old, nearly picked clean and about to be closed, when part of it collapses, trapping them.

The women left above are left to whistle in the dark--but the mine holds a terrible secret that may change their lives forever In a dark classroom, eight students sit in an "official lockdown," not knowing if it's just a drill or an actual emergency. When the brilliant but socially awkward Max starts tutoring popular student Sara in chemistry, an unlikely friendship begins. But Max isn't prepared for the feelings Sara seems to be developing -- and neither is her overprotective boyfriend, Jason It's no wonder Emily can't sleep.

She obsesses about awkward interactions in the past, she tries to predict the disasters of the future - and then, of course, there's three immortal witches sabotaging her drama club production of Macbeth so they can escape the mortal realm. You know, life stuff. Reeling from her sister's death, Beth suddenly finds herself journeying through a world suspiciously resembling the film The Wizard of Oz Deaf to the warnings of her nurse and chorus, grief-stricken Medea seeks solace in destroying Jason, her unfaithful husband.

A condensed adaptation of the classic tragedy that effectively explores Medea's disjointed psyche within the context of ancient Greek values. Everybody at Westfield High School thinks they know what happened the day of the fire. Um, congrats?

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In an attempt to be brutally honest, Hogue lays out all the reasons why a man who presumably is not fat would ever date a lady of size. By that logic, bigger dudes should be 5-star Michelin chefs. Honey, I expect a 5-course gourmet meal by six tonight, kthx. So I suppose the same goes for larger men? It's amazing I keep it all under control. I guess that's always been something I'm good at. Your new phone is good, too, though. Just, eh, don't give up?

Things will come around for you someday. I'm sure. I'm never wrong. No seriously man, never, it's freaky. Can you name 1 time that I was wrong about anything? Me neither. I'm not showing off or anything it's just a weird coincidence right? I heard the best response to this. Do you play miniature golf? Also 6'6", and I always thought that I should not only go to Japan, but I should dress like a stereotypical cowboy while there.

Hat, boots, chaps I moved to a new country and being tall here really sucks. People around here are hostile to me because of my height. I had trouble making friends or even acquaintances. I couldn't get a job in any of the cities so I had to move into the countryside where I'm always alone. Worst part is, sometimes bandits sneak into my camp and steal my mammoth cheese.

Don't forget about stealing from your chests too. If they would just leave you alone with your mammoth herds, no one would get hurt, right? Fuck you tallies, my buddy just wanted to pet the mammoth and you punted him into the stratosphere! We had to bury his charred pelvis, go back to Atmora! I would talk in a Russian english accent and try to use the phrase "I must break you" as much as humanly possible. It was painful. Not all places are like that. Pretty much all tourist areas have normal sized doorways.

You'd have to visit the boonies to find that. If you're a tall white guy visiting Kyoto Tokyo not so much during school vacation season Spring you're going to have a bad or good, depending on your view time getting approached by K students wanting to take pics with you while throwing up the V sign and also many many stares your way. I've traveled a lot to the Japanese boonies for business, and even there, I fit almost everywhere.

The only problems I have had were with clean room shoes not fitting me I wear a size 15, 31cm, big even in America. I've never had anyone ask to take pictures of me I'm 6'4 but I did get swarmed by a bunch of young men. When I went, I believe it was tourist season in Japan. Most people just stared at me or waved. The ones that asked for pictures were usually elementary school boys or maybe Jr High?

I think the older ones were probably shy or intimidated. The elementary school kids waved all the time, was funny. I hear ya on the slippers though. I just walked around in my socks, none fit me at any of the Hostels. EDIT: Just recalled the first time someone asked to take a pic with me. I was at one of the shrines in Kyoto. It was a group of 4 or 5 Jr high or High school girls.

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I was standing there and one of them ran into me by accident. I turned to her as she looked up at me in surprise. I smiled and said "Suimasen" she smiled and ran off. About 30 seconds later she appeared with 4 or so friends and held out a camera and said something like "pic-cha! I said "OK" and reached for the camera. Instead she and her friends swarmed around me as another one stood back and took a picture. I was bewildered for a moment. I bet my look on the picture was that of a confused gaijin giant.

Pretty Tough

My 6'6" SO used to go to Japan for work. It was a fairly rural area, so he was stared at pretty regularly, but his biggest complaint was the hotel room: if he stood with his arms stretched out, he could touch both walls. Yeah the whole Asians are short thing is over played, they aren't that short. The door is part of Japanese architecture, they sometimes have smaller openings to sacred places like tea houses, you are supposed to have to duck to humble youself before entering.

But all reddit sees is"huh tall white guy" disappointing. Edit: accidentally submitted the comment twice and can't figure out how to delete it from my mobile app You're right, there's not that much of a difference. According to Wikipedia, the average height of a male Japanese adult was 1. This is a repost, the original poster mentioned that this was at a temple that has intentionally low doors because it forces you to bow as you walk in.

As a sign of respect. Was going to say, I'm 5'9" and I think i'd have to duck slightly to navigate that doorway. Well I say doorway, more of a serving hatch really. That sounds like BS. I'm 5'9" and that was about the average height of Japanese dudes, nothing really seemed all that small there other than living space because the land value is so high. I came to see if anyone else had commented about being confused about how he took that picture without the phone showing up.

And if I didn't see your comment I never would have noticed. Yea, I am 6'9". When I went to Japan we stayed in a single hotel room that we let the company book. This hotel room was about 12'x12' and I could not fit in the shower. When I used the bathroom I had to keep my feet out the door. My whole body could not fit in the bathroom all at once. Honestly I don't remember. I wouldn't be surprised, but I couldn't fit in there so I wasn't too concerned. We stayed at a hotel there where I had to step into the shower in order to close the bathroom door to sit on the toilet. Luckily showers in Saigon are usually just a drain in the floor and a shower head, so you get the whole bathroom as your shower!

Unintentionally perfect for tall people. As a 6'4" tall dude who toured the Bolivian altiplano and stayed in hostels, I feel your pain. I got out of bed one freezing cold night to take a piss and, in the inky blackness no lights in the room hit not the top of my head, but my face and upper shoulders on the threshold above the door leaving our room. Went back to bed and saved it for morning. There was a second reason I didn't go but I thought it bad taste to discuss here.

Yes, I smacked my face and shoulders, and yes I persevered all the way to a very dimly lit men's bathroom facility. There I found about an inch of standing water emenating from one of the stalls. At that point, I turned around and went back to bed, figuring I could find a shadow and piss down wind it was always windy during our trip rather than brave that surly sludge.

Hundreds of Plays & Musicals For Student Actors

Being a 5 '10 girl was weird. I once had an old tiny Japanese man approach me in a family mart. He didn't speak English, and I didn't speak Japanese. He just went "Ohhhhh And then walk off laughing. Height has little to do with it, being foreign is enough to get attention from people looking to escape their mediocre salary lives and move to Disneyland.

Not for a weak stomach. In recent news, thousands of tall, white, awkward males have immigrated to Japan for no apparent reason.

11 Amazing Self Love Books to Inspire you to be a better mom!

It's been going on for years. And the poor bastards generally do pretty well for themselves. I'm 6'2" and was in Japan a few months ago. Trying to stand up in a shower there was not fun. Sure it's a great place to go Wow I need to go to Japan.

When I was like 16 I worked with this this dude who lived in China most of his life. He said that if I went to China the women there would go crazy for a tall white dude. Not really.