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My heart still beats quickly; the aftermath of vaguely remembered dreams. Who knows. Find more by Mike Battista. He appreciates them and the other magazines that have published his work, some now long-departed for their support. Writing is not how he supports himself financially, which explains the general delay in his output. Find more by J. In addition to writing stories about time travel, sex robots, haunted dogs, and carnivorous lights, he also writes non-fiction about synthesizers, guns, cyborg cockroaches, and Miss America. More of his writing can be found online—as can he—at davideriknelson.

Find more by David Erik Nelson. Now he does not say you were sick. This is something you have to be born into. You can in ever understand it otherwise.


There are all kinds of levels of existence in life. Have you ever thought about it? And then there is a little plant by the side of the rock. It has existence and it has life, but it has plant life. Now the plant life is such that it cannot speak to us. It cannot speak to the rock, except on the comic pages. On the comic pages things like this can happen. Plants can speak. Rocks can speak, but not in life.

So we have rock which has existence. We have a plant which has life and existence, but plant life. Then we have a little squirrel running around and the squirrel has animal life. Striking thing about a squirrel can speak to squirrels, but it cannot speak to us. Some people think they can speak to squirrels.

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There are certain things you can communicate to them. If you pull out your pellet gun and fire at them a couple of times [Laughter] the next time they see you and you reach for it, you communicate. And they quickly manage to escape. But anyway a squirrel has life and a squirrel has a different kind of life, but a squirrel cannot speak to us.

It cannot speak to the plants. It cannot speak to the rock. And then there are people who have their own kind of life. They have minds. There is something unusual about man. Man has human life. One of the characteristics of human life is that humans ordinarily have the ability to worship, not necessarily the true God, but to worship.

You never find squirrels out in the yard calling a prayer meeting or calling for a meeting of the ministry of the word of God or even for any other kind of meeting for that matter. Human beings have human life, but you know people may also have not only human life, but they may have spiritual life, just as you are born into physical life, so you are born into spiritual life. And the striking thing about spiritual life is that those who have spiritual life can only communicate with those who have spiritual life.

You cannot communicate. They are foolishness unto him. Neither can he know them for they are spiritually discerned. Eternal spiritual life, the Lord Jesus is speaking of it often in this gospel. In fact this particular construction is about the most emphatic way in which a prohibition may be expressed in Greek. Now, I think that that means that no matter what happens an individual will never perish.

There was a banker friend of Alfred Gibbs in Scotland who was converted. His friends learned that he was saved and that he was saved in the gospel hall and it was known that in the gospel halls they preached the doctrine of eternal life. He wants to do what the Father who has brought him into this wonderful life wants him to do. He loves what has happened to him so much that he wants to please the one who is responsible for giving it to him. See how foolish a comment like that is? And you can be almost sure that a person who makes that comment does not possess eternal life.

It forgets also that the Bible says that when you come into the family of God, the Father disciplines his sheep. There are many other things that could be said, but for lack of time we pass on. You can lose your job. You can lose your portfolio of securities. You can lose your income. You can lose your friends. You can even lose members of your family. Spurgeon said that the ship shall not go down to the bottom, but that the passengers shall get to the shore.

"I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one can snatch them out..." John 10:28.

They shall never perish. What a comforting thing this is. No matter what happens to me, my security is settled because of what Jesus Christ has done and is doing at this very moment for me. If it were not for the fact that he is doing that right now praying for me at the right hand of the Father, preserving the effects of his work, I would be lost in a moment. They shall by no means ever perish; neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. No wolves are going to come and scatter the sheep of God. As far as their eternal destiny is concerned it is settled by what Jesus Christ has done.

We have great enemies of our soul. Satan would love to grasp us and to destroy us.

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He would like to destroy us thoroughly so far as spiritual life is concerned, but he cannot do it. If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful. This implies we have enemies. And we do have enemies, and we need to feel this and we need to feel also that from within there are weakening things too. We are still sinners. We still have the sin principle dwelling within us. We ought to. There was a man who got up in a meeting one time and spoke about the fact that he had this tremendous sense of the corruption of the presence of the sin nature within him. He just read a parable of the Pharisee and the publican.

And the message came through. And you remember how the publican came in, he beat on his breast, and he spoke about what a great sinner he was. There are passages which express that. God has accomplished his work of redemption through is arm and through his hand. Make an object lesson of two hands and then a red heart. And then the red heart is placed in the hand of the Lord Jesus and another hand is put over the hand of our Lord in order to express the double sense of the protection that this text suggests.

My Father which gave them me is greater than all.

You Shall Never Know Security

Most of the protagonists suffer dysfunctional relationships with parental — usually mother — figures; the men are hopeless with women and unable to create sustainable friendships in general. The stories are so varied in type and emphasis that it is difficult to describe them in a single line or two. Some seem to have no point to make except to deliver a grim story; others, generally the longer ones, present more-fully-realised characters that engage our attention. The latter was the last story in the collection and, for me, the most successful.

Are they not, themselves, enticed by their creations? The true villains are not always whom we think. A biased judge denies an insanity petition. For me, this was the least successful of the collection. The depressive period ends and he goes back to work. This is another story that seems pointless in its lack of actual event.