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A Joseph Howe is listed as a member of the Boston Sandemanians; this was probably John's father, but it might have been John's elder brother. John Howe probably began his apprenticeship as a printer to Richard Draper in either or As Richard Draper was known to be a frail and sickly man, [7] and as he was Draper's apprentice, John Howe probably witnessed and wrote the article about the Boston Tea Party that appeared in the December 23, , issue.

Richard Draper may have anticipated his demise, as he formed a partnership with John Boyle in May, the month before his death. However, Margaret Draper soon ended this partnership between August 4 and 11, as Boyle did not share her loyalist sympathies.

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Margaret Draper published the paper by herself from August 11, On April 19, , the opening battle of the American Revolution occurred when the British forces raided inland from Boston to Concord "to destroy a Magazine of Military Stores deposited there. In the April 20, , issue of the Massachusetts Gazette and Boston Weekly News Letter a short article appeared that briefly described the battle, and—a day or more later—a broadside was published that reported on the Battle of Lexington and Concord at greater length. Both were quite likely written and printed by John Howe, who would have been just a few months short of his 21st birthday.

After the Battle of Lexington and Concord news of the event quickly spread to the other colonies and American patriots came in great numbers to lay siege to Boston.

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On June 17, , the American forces seized a hill across the Charles river to the north of Boston in Charlestown and began building fortifications upon it from which they would be able to fire upon the town and harbour. In the morning light, a British ship in the harbour, seeing the fortifications being constructed on the hill, began firing on the hill.

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Soon, British troops were ferried from Boston to Charlestown, where they charged up and took the hill, although at an enormous cost in lives. John Howe witnessed, wrote, and printed the broadside describing the Battle of Bunker Hill. In later years, he described his experiences at the battle to his youngest son, Joseph, in which he watched as General Sir William Howe led the final bayonet charge up the hill "with the bullets flying through the tails of his coat.

Margaret Draper continued to print the Massachusetts Gazette and Boston Weekly News Letter until September 7, , when she appears to have had some trouble as no issues were published or at least no issues have been found from September 14 to October 6, John Howe, although he was just completing his apprenticeship, became Margaret Draper's new partner, and he was listed as the publisher from October 13, the day before his 21st birthday, the time at which apprenticeships were completed in the practice of the time to the paper's final issue on February 22, On March 5, , American forces seized control of Dorchester Heights , a hill to the south of Boston, with a commanding view of Boston harbour.

Realizing that taking the hill would be too costly, and that the Americans would soon have cannon in place, the British decided to evacuate the town of all of their forces and the loyalists. The two sides agreed upon an informal cease-fire proposed and negotiated by those in Boston who were staying: the Americans agreed because they feared the British would set fire to Boston as they left, the British agreed because they didn't want to suffer the costs of evacuating Boston under fire.

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Margaret Draper then moved to England, where she lived on a pension from the British government. In mid, the British assembled troops on Staten Island. A series of battles continued the New York Campaign , which was concluded with the British victory of Fort Washington on November 16, John Howe was named in the Massachusetts Banishment Act of , possibly as a result of his work as printer for the British forces in Newport, Rhode Island.

During this period, John Howe took on John Ryan , a native of Newport, as his apprentice, who later became the printer of the first newspaper in New Brunswick and then the King's Printer in Newfoundland. The paper remained in the Howe family until about and continued to be printed until about About half of the Halifax Journal was dedicated to foreign news and essays reprinted from European publications, there was a short Halifax section that covered shipping news and local events, and it reported on issues debated in the Assembly as well as laws and proclamations that were not covered in the Nova Scotia Royal Gazette.

John Howe's printing was notable for its quality.

Biography – HOWE, JOHN – Volume VI () – Dictionary of Canadian Biography

The type was carefully composed, the illustrations were well done, and the layout of stories and advertisements changed with each issue rather than filling the same preset layout. This set a superior standard for newspapers in the maritime colonies. In addition to the Halifax Journal , John Howe also did general printing such as pamphlets and sermons, and he printed an annual Almanack. John Howe began to serve as the magazine's editor in July In , the Nova Scotia Magazine failed due to low subscriptions. On September 2, , their second child, Sarah Howe, was born, but she died at the age of 10 months on June 23, On September 8, , John Howe, Jr.

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On December 4, , his last and best-known child, Joseph Howe, was born. The postmaster positions included expanding and improving delivery routes and establishing way stations as required. Popular Features. New Releases. The Works of John Howe, Vol. I had it, indeed, in design to have given you some abstract of those sermons but searching among my papers, could fine none but so imperfect and broken memorials as would be of little use for that purpose. And yet being desirous to present you with somewhat that might both be a testimony of my affection and an advantage to you, and knowing this subject was grateful to many, and affords what may be useful to all of you, I have for your sakes applied myself to a reconsideration of it.

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Few passages or expressions probably will occur to you, that you heard before; yet you will find the substance of the doctrine the same; as from so plain a text it could not well but be, whosoever should have had the handling of it. The first part is even altogether new, except the introductive suppositions in the beginning. Nor do I re member I then had more than one discourse to you on that subject, before the practical application of it.

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The other part contains many things formerly delivered to you, though perhaps not in the same order, much less in the same words 3 whereto the short notes in my hands could no way enable me. Nor knew I, therefore, what to present you with, that could have in it a fitter mixture and temperament of what might be both useful and pleasant to you.

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