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We will release only the scores from the test date month and year and test location e. You cannot combine scores from different test dates for a new Composite score.

Scores - The ACT Test | ACT

Can I report only my writing scores or only my multiple-choice scores from a test date? Can I combine my writing scores from one test date with my multiple-choice scores from another? Scores cannot be combined across test dates. You must designate an entire test date record as it stands.

If, after you receive your score report, you find that you made a significant error in the information you supplied to us about yourself, or if you want to change your address, you may ask us to correct your record. Write to:. Write within three months of receiving your score report. Enclose a photocopy or printed pdf of your Student Report describing the error and the change you are requesting. There is no fee for making the correction, but you must pay the applicable fee for each corrected report you wish sent to a college, agency, or high school. If you think there is an error on any information other than your test scores , write to ACT Customer Care—Score Reports at the above address within three months of receiving your score report.

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If an error is our responsibility and requires you to retest , there will be no fee. If the error does not involve retesting, corrected score reports will be released to you and all previous score recipients at no charge. If an error is not to be found to be made by ACT and you wish to send corrected reports, you must request and pay for Additional Score Reports. Cheating hurts everyone — if you see it, report it. You can make an anonymous report by using the Test Security Hotline. Discussing test content—including on social media—is not permitted.

Students who don't do their own work put honest students at a disadvantage. If you suspect that someone is trying to take unfair advantages or encounter anything else out of the ordinary, please report it to ACT. You will need to print the completed form and mail to:. Include your name as given at the time of testing, address, and date of birth, as well as your ACT ID, test date month and year , and test location from your score report.

For multiple-choice tests , ACT will verify that your responses were checked against the correct score key.

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ACT will also verify that your essay was properly captured and displayed to readers. Tracking NPS. Analyzing NPS. Improve your NPS.

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Last Updated Sep 24 Sign up for a free forever Hotjar account, set up an NPS survey, and uncover insights that help you grow your business. What is NPS? Why is NPS important? Net Promoter Score scale: detractors, passives, promoters. How to interpret Net Promoter Score.

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    Website survey. Email survey. How to read your NPS results. Look at data segments. Keep tracking performance over time. Close the loop.

    NPS case studies. NPS in a nutshell.

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    • How is NPS calculated? The baker scored the cake so that the servers would know where to slice it. It is unusual for a team to score a hundred goals in one game. I scored some drugs last night.

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      Did you score tickets for the concert? Chris finally scored with Pat last week. Finnish: saada tulos. Finnish: soitintaa. Declension of score. Inflection of score.