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Waking from the Dream

The plan is to learn new skills and work with their classmates to survive as castaways. Tents have to be put up, food prepared, and everything has to be shipshape. When Pippa overhears bossy Olivia excluding Ariana, she does what she can to make Ariana feel a part of her group.

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However, school camp is never without its surprises or pranks and the camp supervisors are determined to get the kids out of their comfort zones and teaming up with new people. The next thing they know, Pippa and Meg are teamed up with Olivia and her two off-siders for orienteering. Did their wicked uncle steal their inheritance?

What happened to the priceless sapphire--the Star of Serendib?

The Locket of Dreams (Belinda Murrell Timeslip Books, book 6) by Belinda Murrell

With the magic of the golden locket, Sophie begins to unravel these mysteries as she shares the adventures of Charlotte and Nell--outwitting their greedy relatives, escaping murderous bushrangers, and fighting storm and fire. But how will these travels in time affect Sophie's own life? A magical locket sends a young girl spiraling from present-day Sydney into s Scotland to solve the mystery behind their family's migration to Australia Sophie discovers a golden locket in an old treasure box that belonged to her grandmother's grandmother.

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Ep 113 Why women are killing it in crime writing and meet author Belinda Murrell.

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Lulu and her friend Zac like to spot wildlife in the bush nearby. But bulldozers have arrived and the trees might soon be gone.

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Best Suited for ages years Meet Lulu Bell. Can Lulu and her best friend Molly save the day? A story about friendship and sisters, about grief and love and danger, and about growing up.