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ThePirateKing , I love a good story!!! Thank you for taking the time to post!!! We have filled one opening!!!

GONDOLIERS - Gianetta's Aria "Kind Sir" - Gilbert & Sullivan Opera Company - 2012

We have two more - a great opportunity for friends or family! Or for family who are friends! Or friends who are like family!!! My pleasure. Nice meeting you, kind sir, and hope you find the members you are looking for. Happy gaming. We have one more opening. A long-time member has decided to move on from the game. We now have TWO openings!!! Please post any questions here or come visit!!! Tell us a bit about yourself when you ask for the invite!!! Cookie Settings. Joyful October 6, , am 1. TGW September 30, , pm 2. Joyful September 30, , pm 3. He will sail eternally alone, searching for his passwords… Come visit us if you ever get lonely!

TGW September 30, , pm 4. Joyful September 30, , pm 5.

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TGW September 30, , pm 6. ThePirateKing October 1, , am 7. Joyful October 1, , am 8. ThePirateKing October 1, , am 9. Joyful October 1, , am ThePirateKing October 1, , am ThePirateKing you too! Be safe out there! Joyful October 3, , am Joyful October 6, , am Who U? Ching Chong? How to ask for their name. You, Sir, and Kind Sir: Would you have a treat to spare, kind sir? Reddit, youtube.

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Bad, Bruh, and Children: 4h Why did he have to make Christians look bad Edit 2: ty kind sir "priests" have been fucking children for years so they already put Christians to shame years ago if I was not clear enough 31 Ty for It wasn't even an original comment you muppet 1 ty for the award bruh. Hoe, Love, and Minecraft: Monday AM Damn, you can put your Minecraft bed next to mine any day: Monday PM well thank you kind sir While we're at it, we can go mine together and 'll find diamonds and make you my diamond hoe Today PM i would love to be your diamond hoe :' Did I do it good?

Avengers, Mask, and Friend: einfinity avengers I'm self-conscious about my goatee ok kind sir my friend here's a mask now you don't have to be self-co about your goatee Shitty bhj. Hello, Work, and Business: Hello kind sir Would you like to work for my business What business 0. God, Wow, and Work: Ok I hope these brain expanding pills work Wow the pills work in rapid success this is amazing Oh god I'm feeling the side effects now oh no not extreme headaches No now I'm having heartburn ow it hurts Please hand me anti-heartburn pills it hurts so much Thank you kind sir now I have to do my daily meditation as required by the medication Help I need my anti-heartburn pills.

An intresting title.

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Curses By The Trees. Nobel Prize, Sorry, and Yo: dont push in withoput us idiot deeply and dm sincerely sorry. I shouldn't have done what I wanted with my xbox game that I spent 60 dollars on, I am appauled with my behaviour and you deserve every ounce of sympathy you can get. At this point I would like to know your address so I can send you a formal letter to your household as an apology for my behavior Yo man I am so good luck in silver kid Thank you kind sir, you deserve a nobel prize for using an extremely original joke Reply I think he thought I was being serious.

Friends, Shit, and Computer: When you go onto your friend's computer to get an assignment and check his 69 GB Homework folder pardon me kind sir but what the actual fuck dude's into some strange shit. Thank you kind sir Thank You, Good, and Dank Memes: When you bring gum to class and one of your classmates says "what kind of gum do you have? It's alright, I don't want a piece" You are a good man.

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Thank you Thank you kind sir. Thank You, Got, and Bug: where? Reddit, House, and Badass: I need to go to the toilet.

Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom. Pardon me kind sir, I must go to the house of the defecation to meet my sanitary needs. What the? TopMov Spider doge. Meme, Reddit, and Dank Memes: When you accidentally double-tap a meme in front of your reddit-veteran friend Please kind sir, be merciful. See how Skip Ad Ad browserguides.

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The loud kids cheating on the exams.