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His cock felt large and warm. She skillfully undid his pants and freed his large, rock-hard cock. It had been a while since Marcia had been with a man and she was very excited to feel a thick, hard cock in her hand. She stroked it slowly with a firm grip. She could see a drop of clear pre-come form at the tip and run down the smooth mushroom head.

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The two of them felt their arousal building and Marcia shifted to the bed, unclasped and shrugged out of her big, harness-like bra. She was soon nude. Tom waste no time in stripping off his clothes and they were locked together under a sheet on the large bed. Their mouths were hungry for each other. Tom plunged his tongue into her eagerly sucking mouth. Tom firmly massaged the large pliant orbs. Tiny white droplets still appeared at the tips of her nipples. He kissed each fleshy globe and sucked each large nipple and kissed down to her belly and lower to her warm, fragrant mound. The tawny wisps of her pubic hair felt so good on his face.

Marcia shifted as Tom moved so she could get her lips on his cockhead. She kissed it and felt the slippery pre-come. She parted her lips and let the smooth head slide into her mouth. Her tongue danced around it as her mouth watered. She twisted her head and took in more of his length.

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She began a rhythm of pleasure, pumping the shaft with one hand and her mouth. Her grip rotated as her mouth did. The sensation was better than anything Tom could remember. She was skilled and passionate. Her ragged breathing betrayed her naked arousal. This was a bitch in heat, needing to feel a cock filling her, but wanting to give her lover pleasure even more.

Couple Caught Having Sex In Airplane - Ryanair Scandal

Tom licked lightly across her nest of hair and felt the pouting lips beneath. Her pussy seemed to open to his touch. Marcia had large, meaty pussylips that were engorged with lust. Tom sucked them into his mouth, his tongue tracing the crease between them, savoring the taste, so different from the sweetness of her milk, but so primal and arousing. It was large too and his tongue flicked it playfully before his lips sucked it in.

He opened his mouth a bit and consumed her lips and clit and worked the delicate, sensitive flesh in a way that drove Marcia to her first orgasm in many weeks. Its head pressed against the back of her mouth, pushing into her throat. She strained to open her throat to accept it all.

Flying Higher – A Free Erotic Story Of Altitude Indiscretion

She pumped her mouth deliberately up and down his shaft. Her throat was making wet, gulping noises and she was grunting with an instinctive passion. She wanted the cum that they held. A thick string of clear viscous liquid connected her lips to his cockhead. Tom rolled back and grasped his cock at the base. He loved how large they were and how they felt, so smooth and warm.

She lowered her tight pussy onto the thick shaft. She exploded in her second mind-rending orgasm. She seemed to spasm and jerk like a rag doll on his cock. Tom felt the tight velvet vice engulf his cock to the base. Her wetness dripped down his balls and to his asshole.

He knew he could not take much of this without exploding. Marcia settled onto him, his full length buried in her. Marcia shuddered again. He kneaded them, feeling her milk drip and squirt on his hands and chest and face.

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He buried his face between the massive tits and felt the warm comfort. Marcia moaned deeply and began to ride his cock expertly. She was in control now. Her hips twisted and she flexed her inner muscles. Tom had wanted to roll this wild woman over onto her back and take over.

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He looked up and saw her wild hair draped down. Her face was a mask of lust and desire. Those giant, round jugs were like nothing he had ever dreamed of. They were so full and round. They looked so amazing against the alabaster white of her breast flesh. And the gripping, pulsing, and stroking of her pussy was beyond belief. The squishing noise of her repeated pumping of it up and down the thick hardness was out of this world.

Tom gave himself up to the tidal wave of erotic pleasure. He felt his balls tighten and he was transported. Marcia was like a wild animal as she fucked this man. If she had not been so beyond aroused, the thick cock would have caused her blinding pain being jammed in her tight pussy. But she was crazed with passion and it was bringing her to the edge of another climax. The head of his cock throbbed and expanded inside her. As she felt jet after jet of his cum explode inside her, she felt her clit that had been grinding against him explode.

Her pussy convulsed again and again. Wetness gushed from her cunt with loud, squishy noises. Her breasts were overtaken with a wave of warmth that spread over her whole body in a way she had never known before. The mutual paroxysm seemed to last forever. Finally, she collapsed onto Tom. I worked his belt and released his throbbing hardness and he swallowed a moan. His tip found my entrance, and I rotated my waists as he guided himself into me until he was buried deep in my slick heat. I moved up and down slowly, trying to savor every delicious inch of his velvety hardness.

He took the lead and plunged into me again and again. He lifted my shirt and found my breast underneath before taking a ripe nipple in his mouth while my fingers played with the other nipple. He cupped my bottom and pressed me down to his pelvis while he ravaged the deepest parts of me with wild, upward strokes.

I could feel the stiffness of his whole body as my own orgasm approached. The excitement curled my toes when his strokes broke from the rhythm and became wilder and even more powerful. Then his hot seed flooded my insides as he bucked, his eyes shining in the dark cabin, the powerful orgasm deflating his whole body until he fell back on the seat. I heard footsteps coming to the back of the plane just then. I drew the cardigan tight around my body to conceal my uniform when a passenger walked past us to use the toilet. My boyfriend stroked my hand and smiled at me.

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  4. Explore more female erotica with our collection of erotic short stories written by women, for women! Especially when we talk about women and their pleasure And there are certainly a lot of smiles. Anyone for tennis? Free shipping above Vulva Talks What is Vulva Talks? After sitting on a plane for four hours, most people are tired, bored and full of rage.

    A sensual tale of flying ... all the way to 7th heaven

    Now imagine being on a plane for 18 hours straight. What would you do to break up the monotony? From TMZ :. Celeb pilot David Martz — who joined the mile-high club with a porn star last year while operating a helicopter — got his license back yesterday … and he says he passed his oral exam with flying colors. Martz — who flew a number of celebs including Tommy Lee — met with an FAA rep yesterday who gave him an oral exam and then a practical flying exam where they tested him on emergency procedures, cross country, and … ahem … auto rotation.

    While her flight to see his parents, she encounters a flight attendant who makes her horny. Since her boyfriend is busy listening to his iPod, she fantasizes of the straight male attendant. Things escalate when she acts on her whim by diddling herself in the bathroom! The former title is about a recently promoted female excecutive who tries to break her habit of diddling herself during flight. The latter story is definitely the best in the collection and almost conjures up the imagery from the front cover. I loved this book review by Michael P. Of course, I could be wrong.

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    The anthology edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel is more than pilots and stewardesses, although they do feature in a few stories. Most of the stories involve passengers. Lavatory trysts, alluded to on the cover of the book, are pretty common, though the authors get pretty inventive. Another common method for sex in the sky involves passengers seated next to each other while covered by a common blanket. While it is a great story, it seems a bit out of place in this book.

    All of the stories are good or great. Although they only averaged about 10 — 12 pages each, these nineteen sexy short stories only scratched the surface of the Mile High Club concept. I hope to see follow-up anthologies, because I think there is a lot of uncharted territory in this area.

    Maybe in the future we can read stories with helicopters. Flying boats. We are also casting for a female Flight Attendant to be the host of the show. In order to apply you must prove to be qualified to serve as the only flight attendant on board a private Gulfstream aircraft. This is the ultimate luxury trip on a private jet. If you are looking for love or just looking to hook up this is the show for you!

    To me, those planes were a sign of the times. Add to that the equally brightly arrayed stewardesses. There was a time that they wore go-go boots, right in the height of my teen-hormone years. Talk about your lasting impressions! The traveling salesman was a sign of those times too, and of course big IBM business computers were spreading all over the business world.

    Combining these elements into something sexy just seemed natural. Many of the details were culled from anecdotes I have heard along the way. I set out to write a story that spoke of that time, and hopefully give a unique perspective on The Mile High Club. And I had a great time doing it.