History for Kids: An Illustrated Biography of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt for Children

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He much prefers nonfiction. So, the two-fold challenge. Get kids to read on their level AND find books that interest them.

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Here are few books that might help us meet the challenge! One great place to start with struggling readers is nonfiction. Most children have an interest in something or a hobby that may spark the desire to read about it. Is that my first choice? Yes, they do! A magazine subscription featuring interesting topics may also be another great option for struggling readers. Listed below are some of my favorite series books. Find series books for 2nd and 3rd graders that may work for your struggling reader. For example, if a child has the idea that Junie B.

Jones books are for Kindergartners, s he may be turned off by it. Another genre to try is historical fiction. The I Survived Series is one that my 4th grader has greatly enjoyed. He loves the topics. This summer, he read I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic by himself!

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For some of them, it was the first time that they actually read something for enjoyment. Just check out Booger Love by Brod Bagert! While that may sound odd, graphic novels are simply books that are written in the form of a comic book. If you have a child that loves sports, Sports Illustrated has a good collection! Stink , Captain Underpants , and Diary of a Wimpy Kid all have a little mix of graphics in them, too.

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The Dogon, the Nommos and the Mystery of Sirius B

As a fourth grade teacher, just a caveat that the nonfiction Fact Finder books are at a much higher reading level than the Magic Treehouse stories. He then travelled as a dancer before becoming a writer. Lovell also sets other books in his native Barbados. Formerly a less than successful private eye, Gunner has become an apprentice electrician in a construction company.

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When two innocent black men are brutally murdered by a white psychotic, the sister of one of the victims seductively persuades Gunner to return to his former profession. Frankie Y.

DSC's Trailing the Hunters Moon books through Buchanan Hunts

Bailey , Ph. Bailey is the author of African American Mystery Writers: a historical and thematic study. Both in her Midwestern hometown and while on vacation in Provincetown, MA, Kelly turns to crime solving while dealing with alienation from the community. Attorney Christopher Darden , a prosecutor in the O.

He also began writing mysteries in collaboration with Dick Lochte.


Her amateur sleuth is a personnel officer for a state agency in Sacramento who agrees when her mother insists that she has a better chance of solving a crime than the police do. And Katz is a mystery writer who, like Davis, lives in San Francisco. Her protagonist is African American homicide detective Lt. Starletta Duvall, a gutsy year police-force veteran and the daughter of a cop as well. Duvall solves crimes in Massachusetts. Barnett works as a barkeep in Harlem. Hayle is a sexy African-American single mom, ex-cop, who is known for her wisecracks. Attica Locke began her writing career as a screenwriter in Los Angeles.

A canine behaviorist I know sometimes plays a villain during police training sessions. In spite of her background, she finds it pretty terrifying when 90 pounds of German Shepherd rushes at her. Have you observed something similar?

Author Spotlight with Margaret Mizushima

DA: Thirty-five years of marriage and a working partnership. What are you reading now? Robert Crais is one of my favorite authors, and I read his books as soon as I can after their release. I also love outdoor settings in mysteries and enjoy two other Colorado authors, Mark Stevens and his Allison Coil mystery series and Scott Graham and his national parks mysteries.

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Then there are two other favorites, Tana French and Elly Griffiths, who do a great job with setting. I could go on and on! I love to read. She lives in Colorado where she assists her husband with their veterinary practice and Angus cattle herd. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to primary content.

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