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My advice to you? Do you have any suggestions for getting boys to read? My year-old is a smart kid, but getting him to read is a real struggle right now.

Sucks, cus my husband always calls me oblivious

Try finding some nonfiction almanacs and record books, for example that your son will like. Illustrations can help the reluctant reader dive into and follow the story. These are a few quick suggestions. Good luck!

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Got a question for Ann? Email her at askann sltrib. Legal Notices Obituaries Jobs. Sunday, October 6, Sign In. Sign Out. Ask Ann Cannon: My husband looks at his phone constantly. Is this boorish or am I overreacting? Ann Cannon. Twenty-six miles from the Boulder campus is the sprawling Denver Federal Center in Lakewood with 28 agencies spread across 44 buildings. Its low-slung buildings, ringed by wire fence, were abnormally quiet this week. Across the street, at a barbershop called Sport Clips, April Guerrero, 47, said business was way down, because so many people were now on furlough.

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This has meant a pay cut of several hundred dollars for employees, who receive minimum wage and count on bonuses to pay rent. One of the few customers that day was Lauren Kramer, 33, a furloughed microbiologist for the Food and Drug Administration, who brought her son Wade, 10, for a haircut. After Wade had climbed into the barber chair, Ms. Kramer put her face in her hands, clawing nervously at her chin. Now Ms. Kramer, a single mother, found herself picking up food provided through a county program, unsure of when her next paycheck would arrive.

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  • Ask Ann Cannon: My husband looks at his phone constantly. Is this boorish or am I overreacting?.

When she told her best friend, Jessica Rasmussen, 31, about her situation, Ms. Rasmussen, a vocal teacher who is struggling with the thought that as she considers buying her first home, her best friend is worrying about feeding her son.

People can change beyond recognition when they re-invest in a new relationship

The shutdown — propelled by a dispute between the president and Congress over building a border wall — is splitting the nation, she said. In St. Patricia Battle, an accountant, was keeping the thermostat down in the home she shares with her husband, a veteran; her college-age son; and her year-old grandson. On Thursday evening, Ms. Battle attended a meeting of her college alumni group, whose other members, unaffected by the shutdown, were surprised to learn that she was out of work.

What Happened When I Stopped Reminding My Husband

We have now been together five years and married for nearly two of them. The time we've spent together has been amazing but truly defines an "emotional roller coaster. That I was powerless to change how you felt. When you reached your lowest low, it was difficult for me to not take personally your statements asking me to simply let you be and that you needed to work through it on your own.

That there was nothing I could do to be a better husband or companion and help your sadness and anxiety go away and that, yes, you were crying, but it was nothing I had done. At that time, I'm sad to say, your assurances fell on deaf ears. When you reached your lowest low, you said something to me I will never be fully equipped to handle. I couldn't kill myself only because I know how much it would hurt you.


It broke my heart. In one sweeping statement, you managed to communicate exactly how much you value me and at the same time how much value you have placed on yourself.

Take me to:

The frustration that comes with not being able to tell your depressed wife how much you love her, how each day is brighter with her in it, and instead knowing she will simply smile and not fully believe you or not realize what you're trying to communicate is truly one of the hardest feelings I've ever had to overcome.

In a word, I felt helpless. Leading up to our wedding and even a few months past it, I felt absolutely immobilized. I firmly believed there was nothing I could do. I felt trapped in a cycle of trying to understand your depression, to getting frustrated when it got too bad, and finally returning to wanting nothing more but to help you feel better.

A truly unenviable position for any new husband. But today is a brighter day.