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This post contains affiliates. Norman Vincent Peale. It was originally written in It is an international bestseller and has over five million copies in print! He knew that when people view the world with a positive attitude they are more productive, happier, and more successful.

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Or that they will learn something from their difficult situation. They are trying to make the most out of life and living life to the best of their ability. They are my clients who thank and praise God for their blessing even in the midst of chaos or trials.

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As you can imagine, my time with these clients are limited. My personal goal as a therapist is to work myself out of a job with each client I have. These clients often believe their situation will never get better. They tend to believe that the world is happening to them and they are just a bi-stander or worse, a victim. These clients are more challenging because they also tend to be more unwilling to learn new skills. There can become stagnation because they already believe any new advice will fail so why try. Our time together tends to last much longer. Positive thinking!

Changing your mindset to focus on positive aspects of your situation, day, and life. A way to increase positive thinking is to set an intention. When you think, plan, and focus on a specific intention for your day, you will start turning your mind towards that goal. When you are making it a priority and a goal to think of your day positively through the lens of what God has done for you and how you can shine His light to others, you benefit all the more!

Your faith will increase. Your relationship with God will deepen and flourish. People around you will be drawn to you and your light. And as a result you will feel great joy in your day to day life! But it does take practice! We are creatures of habit and we tend to go on autopilot throughout the day. That includes our behaviors and our thoughts. So first decide what you want your faith-filled intention to be.

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I have a list below for examples. Use one of them or come up with one of your own.

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Then, write it down! If you want, even post in on your preferred social media platform for accountability and support.

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Mid-way through your day take the time to jot a few quick notes or journal about how your day is progressing. What are you noticing? Are you seeing a benefit?

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  7. How can you improve on following your intention? Do this again at the end of the day. How are you feeling? What went well? What, if anything, hindered you from following your intention. Again, this is a process! The mindset of positive thinking is not easy or natural for some people. But if you want to change you can!

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    You just have to know the tools and the supports to do so! Some people prefer to focus on one intention a day and then rotate throughout the week. Others choose one for a few days or for a full week and then move on to the next intention. It truly is up to you and what works best for you to work towards greater positive thinking. I sincerely hope that this post meets you where you are and helps you to make the shift from glass half-empty to a journey of glass half-full.

    I promise your life will be positively impacted if you do! Signup below for a free download of the Faith-Filled Intention Info-graph to printout and take with you as a reminder throughout the day. Remember, turning the mind and creating a new habit takes time!

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    You need all the tools and supports you can get! Now check your email to download your FREE chapters. Don't forget to check your spam folder just in case! These are great suggestions and as I am sure your know, so much of the battle is in our minds. I often go back to that verse about taking every thought captive and it helps me to keep the anxious or negative thoughts at bay.

    Then I turn to all that I can be thankful for. It really makes a difference in how my mind views life throughout the day. Thanks for your suggestions. Great advice! Focusing on God and faith-filled intentions help us to stay grounded!

    IMAGINATION TO MANIFESTATION: How to Create Abundance – an intender’s workbook

    Thank you for reading and commenting! God Bless! The point is that you have to create that good habit of thinking and God shows us how to do it in scripture. Thanks for providing us with some great intentions to get started! Focusing on God and having a faith-filled intention helps to bring me peace! But it takes work! Eventually I decided that if this is helping me then would other empowered females find it useful too? So, I set about getting all the amazing info I'd learnt about manifesting and intention setting, out of my head and down onto paper.

    I turned my worksheet into a workbook, and here it is ready for you to reap the benefits. I hope you enjoy using your workbook as much as I enjoyed creating it. Be sure to let me know how you get on - this is the very first public release so your feedback will help shape version 2 due Summer This will vary depending or your device or monitor settings as well as your printer inks and settings and paper type. Your Cart Continue Shopping.

    Here to hold your hand and guide you The Keshinomi Intention Setting Workbook holds your hand and guides you as you work with the lunar phases to manifest your best life. In your bundle you will receive An A4, 10 paged workbook that guides you through each phase of the manifesting process. A bonus bundle of 3 extra goodies that includes a gorgeous A4 worksheet for writing out your manifesting mantras , a positive affirmation poster plus a daily gratitude tracker.

    Your 10 page workbook will help you to: Understand the 4 key moon phases and how they relate to manifesting. Write your declaration of intent for the lunar cycle.