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What is it about the environment in STEM labs that might increase the risk for anxiety and depression? Blog , latest 0 Our first book is out now! The first fruit of our lab hopping labours is now here! We are so excited to share 31 Fantastic Adventures in Science: Women Scientists of India , an illustrated book targeted at children, but also very much for adults. The …. Image credits: Aditya Ranade, Your Story. In light of MeToo and the stream of sexual harassment cases that ….

Everyone in India faces social stigma when it comes to mental health issues. However, women face a lot more of it due to patriarchal norms, social conditioning, and misogyny …. By Rohini Murugan Not much has changed in two years. The walls still echo with academic discussions. The monkeys still chatter carelessly. The canteens still give the mixed smell of hot idli and steaming sambar. What stands different after …. As south-west India finally has a respite from the recent heavy rains, the discussions have now turned to what went wrong.

In the district of Kodagu, nine days …. We were tasked with creating …. By Aashima Dogra. Science is on the cusp of change. On the road to discovery, a vast majority of time is spent designing experiments, creating the apparatus and collecting data and doing it …. Late in June, TheLifeofScience. We were tasked …. Just a day after the launch of the moon mission, unbeknownst to most, was another momentous occasion for Indian …. Image via Neelambari. Having survived a PhD programme, I was expecting life to get easier, or at least not as hectic.

By Laasya Samhita. How often has one of us found ourselves proclaiming this while talking to non-academics about our daily work? Illustration by guest contributor Surbhi Munda. While it was …. Hands-on training. Real research experience. Practical learning with experiments. A rose is a rose is a rose. An internship by any other name is still an internship. Call it what you will, but students these days are expected to go …. By Bornika Roy. Having trained as a chemist, she became interested in studying the structural biology ….

Harini Nagendra and Seema Mundoli have been talking about trees for years. As researchers based in …. Sneha Dharwadkar left and Anuja Mital right on the field. Written by Karishma S Koushik. Dr S Lakshmi Devi speaking at an event. Image Source: Wikipedia. Other than being passionate about electronics, she enthusiastically looks forward to gaining experiences from all the technical and social opportunities at …. On the right, a painting of a dog made by one of her students. Photo by Arunita Banerjee.

Picture: Scientists featured in our calendar. We explored the bustling grounds and …. Shamika Ravi, Brookings India. The compendium was launched at the Difficult Dialogues conference in Goa on January …. She discovered pulsars, but was ignored for the Nobel Prize in However, one half of this Nobel Prize was awarded to her male supervisor for the discovery of ….

By Nandita Jayaraj and Aashima Dogra. The art history scholar had landed in Bengaluru, …. By Prabhavathy Devan. Two years ago, just into my first postdoc position, my six-year-old son …. Firstly, we should point out that opinions from guest contributors are not meant to be endorsements.

We believe …. Filled with lovely illustrations, the booklet provides resources and insights for and by women …. Reported by Nandita Jayaraj. As you are reading this, Pumza Tshebe is probably fighting to stay on top of things at the office of Scifest Africa in Makhanda formerly known as Grahamstown , South Africa. The mood is much more chaotic …. Second edition of the Women in Science calendar is available for free download! Remember the Women in Science calendar from last year? We got a heartening response—it is the most popular page on this site, it was gifted to ….

Though it …. It takes ages to reach Bangalore city from its airport. So I was glad my destination this time was only thirty mins away. Paid Part-time. In the lab, the power balance between juniors and their guides, principal investigators and senior faculty is multifold.

Representative image. She draws people and their stories — all fun and quirky. By Nandita Jayaraj. This week, Donna Strickland became the first woman to win a Physics Nobel in 55 years. By Deepana Gandhi. In March , I came across an exciting article about a team of young Indians competing in a global space race to land a spacecraft on the Moon. It sounded unbelievable. TeamIndus TI was the only Indian ….

When they think of someone [for a job], it will be …. She started off as a physicist but her Ph. Mahalakshmi WHAT? She has been studying and working on tuberculosis as a doctor and researcher for over ten years. She specialises in …. The moment I stepped into the St. As I walked towards the ….

Eating gajar halwa carrot pudding in winter or drinking shikanji lemonade in summer is the popular seasonal rhythm …. Her research focuses on the toxic effects of nanoparticles on biological systems. While a lot of people are researching the various …. A spectacle for public and private health everywhere, the L. Prasad Eye Institute in Bhubaneswar offers state-of-the-art facilities at its free …. By Mrinal Shah. The vastness of space fascinates almost everyone as a child. In fact, a lot of kids dream of being an astronaut and flying spaceships.

But it is possible, indeed likely, that there is much more than speculative thought in these models. The ancient tradition of consciousness study in India, long limited to philosophical studies, remains an unexplored frontier in the history of science. This is just an introduction to the problem. Further advances in a scientific understanding of consciousness will lead to a better appreciation of the Indian literature on the subject. One hopes that a comprehensive chronology of the various developments in the structural models of consciousness will be eventually produced.

In recent years scientists have been exploring the effects that stress and emotions have on our cells — in particular, on our chromosomes and mitochondrial DNA. Our own deeply held beliefs and definitions of technology are impeding us from evolving consciously…. These days people have lost their connection with many powerful elements of energy and nature, sound being one of them—as a means of healing and brain entertainment. The most radical understanding of reality points first to radical wholeness, to the prior unity of all opposites and conditional experiences.

Understanding The Science Of Consciousness In Ancient India – Part 2

The way you react to the world and to the people around you is driven much more than you realize by unconscious aspects of your brain and body. For almost years, children have been taught in school that the anatomical sex of a baby is determined by the X and Y chromosomes, also known as the sex chromosomes — XY is male and XX is female. According to Charles Darwin, you are the product of your biological mother and father, just as they were the product of their biological mother and father, and so on back to the earliest days of humans and to all the species that came before.

How did great mathematicians like Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein make the leap from understanding basic mathematical concepts to answering fundamental questions about the Universe? For well over a century, scientists have been wrestling with what quantum mechanics has been revealing to us about fundamental reality. Just as artists are driven to create, scientists need to prove that something is as it seems.

The heart is essential to our life, pumping oxygenated blood throughout our body. Billions of years ago, an iron nucleus forged in another galaxy was flung into space at close to the…. Might we humans be the only species on this planet to be truly conscious?

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A well-documented feature of trauma, one familiar to many, is our inability to articulate what happens to us. Psychedelic drugs alter consciousness in a profound and novel way that increases the breadth and fluency of cognition. However, until recently, scientists were unable to offer an explanation for how the brain was altered to account for these effects.

Across all species, individuals thrive in complex ecological systems, which they rarely have complete knowledge of. An Opening for Religious Perspectives With enormous certainty science has presented its material-only…. If you were to stand outside the universe—outside both space and time—and look at your life, you would see your birth, your death and every moment in between laid out as distinct points.

On awakening, bless this day, for it is already full of unseen good which your blessings will call forth;…. We live in a reality generated by our brain. From the euphoria of falling in love to the beauty of a newly blossomed flower, what we experience with our senses is a representation of the world, not the world itself. In order to understand the true nature of reality, science must first recognize the importance of consciousness, says Dr.

Robert Lanza, a stem-cell biologist whose work has earned him high acclaim. With new discoveries in epigenetics now making headlines, many of us are asking an important question: What are my children really inheriting? You are never truly alone. Everywhere you go, you carry trillions of microbes inside your gut. When it comes to the world around us, what we perceive is not always what is actually there. Even before the birth of modern neuroscience, Sigmund Freud theorized that what we call objective reality is actually shaped in part by our subconscious.

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And he was able to do this simply by observing the behavior of people from the outside. Moral self-righteousness is often tagging along side that word. Beneath your feet lies an enormous subterranean biosphere of bacteria and other forms of life, surviving…. It is precisely science that makes the key point shine most brightly: the point that there is a fundamental respect in which ultimate intrinsic nature of the stuff of the universe is unknown to us — except insofar as it is consciousness.

There is a pervasive myth about enlightenment which, although repeated by many spiritual teachers, has its origins in a view of spirituality that arises from the misconceptions of the unhealed ego. Sally Kempton combines the wisdom of the tradition of Kashmir Shaiva Tantra with the practical understandings of contemporary psychology. When even the sense of being collapses into the utter simplicity of what is.

The universe is dreaming us up and we are all dreaming our lives into being. In this memorable conversation from SAND 18 Peter Levine, the father of trauma therapy work, and Thomas Huebl, a spiritual teacher known for his work integrating healing of collective trauma, discuss the relationship between healing trauma and In a now famous conversation between Carl Sagan and the Dalai Lama, Sagan, a scientist and renowned…. A four-billion-year-old cycling evolutionary engine of creation lifted us improbable and beautiful human beings into existence.

The Yamabushi in northern Japan practice a once forbidden ancient religion. Scientists at UC Berkeley have placed volunteers in an fMRI scanner and monitored blood flow in their brain activity for two hours, while having them listen to stories. The result: they were able to map which areas respond to different words.

In this exclusive interview with Dr. Alan Wallace we discuss consciousness, mathematics, practicing deep sleep states and meditation as preparation for dying consciously. Here you can find free books in the category: Science. Read online or download Science eBooks for free. Browse through our eBooks while discovering great authors and exciting books.

Previous in all India Universities. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis a Qualitative analysis of mixtures containing not more than six radicals including: i Rare-earth elements ii Anions, which For Free. Qualitative Analysis of Organic Compounds 2. Inorganic Quantitative Analysis 3. Inorganic Synthesis Keywords: inorganic synthesis , Quantitative organic Analysis. Acid — base Reaction 2. Redox Titration 3.