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In he had heard the story of young lovers parted by the deportation of the Acadians , to be reunited only at the end of their lives. Haliburton to provide background material. The poem quickly gained worldwide popularity.

Longfellow’s Evangeline

Its first translation into French in N America was by Pamphile Le May in , but had already seen its translation into German and Polish, and in a French translation was published in London. For Longfellow the story was "the best illustration of the faithfulness and constancy of women that I have ever heard of or read. Search The Canadian Encyclopedia. Remember me. This was facilitated both by the British and by New England officials.

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Acadian representatives continued to refuse to alter the wording of their oath of allegiance and the Nova Scotia council decided to move forward with expulsion. This began in the summer of There were about 6, people banished during these months and the expulsion continued until the end of the French and Indian War in The Acadians were sent to almost all the British colonies.

Some went to England after Virginia refused to allow them to enter.

Many fled to Quebec. The years following the Treaty of Paris were not much better. Even though the Acadians were now free to settle wherever they wished, land was scarce and their communities were fractured. During this time a large group of Acadians settled in present-day Louisiana, where they formed the basis of the Cajun culture.

Martinville, Louisiana.

Evangeline; A Tale of Acadie

From Acadians to Cajuns Many Acadians immigrated to the area around New Orleans, Louisiana, during their forced migration in the 18th century. The slow-moving rivers and streams around the city made it easy for them to travel up the Mississippi River and settle in out-of-the-way places along bayous. Some of their descendantsCajunsstill live there. The audio, illustrations, photos, and videos are credited beneath the media asset, except for promotional images, which generally link to another page that contains the media credit.

Evangeline, or The Belle of Acadia: A Victorian-American Musical Comedy

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    Evangeline; A Tale of Acadie Brief History of the Acadians

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    Longfellow's Evangeline - Acadian Genealogy - Historical Acadian-Cajun Resources

    Braddock's Road. Fort Duquesne. French and Indian War. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.