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Its original period is uncertain, but it is native to Kakheti, and is cultivated throughout the province, as well as in the Kartli.

Different Styles of Georgian Wines

Georgians also serve rkatsiteli as a table grape. In , more than 20, hectares of rkatsiteli were planted in Georgia. Krakuna is a grapevine producing light-skinned berries in western Georgia, which is mainly used in dry white wine blends. It is highly resistant to frost and has an excellent natural defense against powdery mildew, a fungal disease. The neutral aroma and high levels of krakuna acidity make it an excellent blend ingredient. Its common partners are tsitska and tsolikouri, which have a much higher natural sugar content than krakuna and therefore give weight to mixtures.

Some traditional fortified wines, elaborated in a style similar to that of Madeira, also contain krakuna.


It easily accumulates sugar while maintaining a high acidity, hence its relevance for sweet wines mutated. The yields are generous, and it grows well on the calcareous soils of Kakheti.

Made in Europe, the young dry white wine often has a shade of greenish straw. Mtsvane kakhuri imparts aromas of fresh white peach, floral, citrus and tropical, with a slight mineral undertone. It is quite dark and will show more apricot and stone fruit character when vinifying in qvevri.

Aromatic variety, it oxidizes easily and, unless vinified in qvevri, it requires a sensitive anaerobic manipulation. It is also suitable as a table grape. In , hectares had been planted. Saperavi can be dry, semi-sweet, sweet or mutated. Traditional and European methods are used and it can be aged in French, American, Slavonian, Russian or Hungarian oak barrels.

Wine in Georgia

Whatever the manner in which it is produced, this variety of dyer produces inked wines, often totally opaque, with aromas of black berries, licorice, grilled meat, tobacco, chocolate and spices. Tavkveri grows well in deep clay and sandy soils. Its flowers are fully functional and must be planted close to other varieties such as chinuri or goruli mtsvane to ensure pollination.

Tavkveri can bloom from late March to mid-April and mature from late August to mid-September. Vine vigorous and high yield, its bunches are large and compact with broad shoulders. The grapes are round, a little big and dark blue.

Home to more than 500 unique grapes.

The wine produced today according to the traditional Georgian method follows the same process that was developed by Georgians almost years ago. Did you know that Georgia is famous as the birthplace of wine and grapes? Can you imagine that, in this country, the wine has years of history? Archeologists have discovered remains of grape seeds dating back to the 6th century BC.

This is a proof that Georgia is really the home of wine. Today, more than varieties of grape are grown in Georgia. Kakheti is the richest wine-making region of the country. There is a big difference between European and Georgian technology. By Georgian technology, the grape juice is kept in a huge clay jar called Qvevri which is buried under the ground.

Yes, Georgian wine is worth the hype and yes, you should be drinking it -

A traditional tool for wine-making is called Satsnakheli. It is a container carved from a large tree trunk and it resembles to the boat. We put grapes in there and people press it with their feet. The juice produced is moved to Qvevri. Once you taste Georgian wine, you will understand why this delicious and unfiltered wine is so popular. Georgian wine is stronger than European one and it has different unforgettable aroma. Even during summer, the wine is kept cold in Qvevri and exporting it is just impossible.

10 Key Varietals Of Georgian Wine

The reason is that Georgian wine is natural without any artificial additions and in the long way it would be spoiled. We have different brands of red and white wines. However, there are some types of grapes which are very sweet and some regions produce natural semi-sweet wine also. There are many wineries in Georgia, especially in the Kakheti region, where you can have degustation of different sorts of wines.

Also, they will let you participate in bread making, but you can also make Georgian sweets, also made of grape juice and walnuts called Churchkhela. Georgian wine is a drink that will make you feel warm and loved, as it is prepared with care and pride. I am Anano.

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